PowerCat® Testimonials   

PowerCat® Testimonials

What our customers have said..

Below are some testimonials for our range of PowerCat® power boats.  Many of our clients were looking for a luxury catamaran manufactured in Australia.  Some were looking for a range of high performance fiberglass catamarans in Australia.  Regardless of their particular requirements PowerCat® Marine Australia came through with the twin hull power boat fitted to their needs.

21 October 2014

Dear Steve & Lynda

This email is dedicated to the Powercat team who manufactured our thirty foot cat. Our boat (named Such is Life) has exceeded our expectations in many ways. From the outset, we were encouraged to regularly inspect the building of the boat which gave us confidence we were going to end up with a product the Powercat team were obviously very proud of and let me tell you we were not at all disappointed.

My wife and I have a serious passion for the waters around Fraser Island. We have enjoyed several experiences over a four year period with a seven metre mono hull boat. But, after spending many hours boating through the Great Sandy Straits around Fraser on our mono hull boat, we started talking about a more suitable vessel for the Fraser Island waters. As these waters are full of sand bars, the obvious choice for our new boat was a catamaran as the draft was so much less than the three foot on our mono hull boat. Stability, was also a serious consideration. As a tall man weighing in at 114kg, walking around the sides of our mono hull boat, I had to be very careful and when taking friends on the boat, we also had to be ensured that weight was evenly distributed, especially in non-favourable waters. This is not an issue on the Powercat. Another strong point is having two very reliable, economical Suzuki 225hp motors. We both are comfortable that in the unlikely event one motor malfunctions while out at sea, the other motor will get us back safely and easily to the marina.

We took delivery of our boat approx three months ago and have clocked up over twenty hours around Fraser Island. Have a look at the attached photographs showing our boat on the Fraser Island beach - something we could not do with our mono hull boat. Also, check my wife out on the boat - she is happy with our decision too!

Steve, the Powercat boat you delivered us represents, in our opinion, value for money and we are exceedingly happy with the quality and finish of the boat delivered. It continues to be a pleasure to deal with you and the Powercat team too.

PS I am going to buy my wife a new fishing rod for Christmas, which I will also use. Ha ha!

Kind regards

Industrial Fastening Solutions  




24 October 2013


Hi Steve & Lynda

We made it home on Saturday around 10am after driving through to Port Stephens on the Friday.

Rise and Shine (Powercat 3000 Sports Cabriolet) was showed off to the folks back home and needless to say everyone was impressed. Rise and Shine was cleaned top to bottom on the Sunday ready for her trip down to Jarvis Bay this weekend with the boys and their partners for their Maiden Voyage.

Thankyou for making the Powercat experience a very special one for both Yelena & I, we look forward to catching up with you both as they say "down the track".

Remember you guys are always welcome around our camp fire, any time!

My Best

Steve Fittler




13 December 2012

Steve  and Lynda

First thanking you for welcome warm feeling I have received from you both guys

I am very happy with you first than boat  you have won me with your friendly service and genuine  personality    thank you  ,,

I have last  night already one the shark cat owner has pop it in to look at it he got shocked
Love it so  much he nearly slowed his little tongue   just looking his face mazed
We  will put your site on our web site if you give us a permission  few pictures
I have 19 web site will be good advertise for both of us

Steve  I am very pleased with you and quality of your product that is not crap  you are one the best company Australia to pride of I mean this

Richard ER
Director: Janer Pty Ltd




Hi Steve
Just to update you on my Powercat 3000.
The boat arrived in Singapore on September 2009 and we departed by sea in November to Phuket Thailand some 1,000 Kms North.
The first day through the narrow entrance of the Malacca Straits had us cruising at 28-30 knots in ½ metre chop except for the wake from a continuous fleet of ships traveling up the Straits. After refueling at Port Dickson, we continued on with the same conditions until we reached Penang where we were hit with strong currents and steep chop up to a metre. The boat handled this without any fuss and allowed us to continue onto Langkawi near the Malaysian / Thailand border for another refueling stop.
From Langkawi to Phuket, the last 200 kms, we were hit with 25 knot winds and the 1-metre confused seas hit us from 3 directions. This was the only time we slowed down to 22 knots and even the occasional larger rogue wave did not trouble the boat.
We arrived safely in Phuket after about 22 hours of daylight cruising. For a 30 foot boat, it was superb and the Suzuki 300HP motors never missed a beat burning 57-59 litres/hour combined at 28-30 knots. Since being in Phuket we have had numerous enjoyable trips to the offshore islands in various conditions.The local monsoon winds of up to 30 knots stir up very choppy conditions which was the reason for deciding on the Powercat 3000. 
Many thanks for your continued support.
Best regards
Doug Pauling



Hi Steve

Re: Secondhand Powercat

Thankyou for your prompt response. We took the Powercat for a run in 4ft messy slop in 25 knots and couldn't belive the difference compared to a mono, outstanding!!!!. We are taking your kind advice and having the engines gone through as well as hull inspection, osmosis check and having the electronics gone through.

Glad to have made contact, its not difficult to see why Powercat has gone from strength to strength with your level of commitment evidenced to us by 1. the level of finish and especially the ride of your boats AND 2. you taking the time to respond to our question even though we were not direct customers of yours.

There is a 95% chance we will purchase the Powercat and we are happy in the knowledge that there is a reliable friendly company backing it up if/when we do need bits.

Thankyou and kind regards

Bill Forrester






To Whom It May Concern,

In 2002 I was involved in the process of the acquisition by Volunteer Marine Rescue Raby Bay of an 8M GRP Catamaran for Search and Rescue purposes. We provided a specification for a vessel that could travel at speed in moderate to poor conditions in partially smooth and open waters to provide a range of services to the local boating public including first response medical, towing, light salvage and extended searching.

A request for tender was submitted to PowerCat Marine Industries.

During this time our unit was involved in negotiations with Mr Steve Shaw and his team. From the outset Mr Shaw impressed me personally with his detailed knowledge of our specification document. This gave me confidence that Mr Shaw and his company would provide adequate attention to detail in order to ensure a good final product.

We selected PowerCat Marine as the eventual contract winner. PowerCat Marine built the vessel and installed all equipment. We regularly visited the vessel during construction and Mr Shaw again impressed me personally with his expertise and willingness to accommodate our specialized requests. He worked well with us to establish ways in which we could build a compact vessel that needed to carry a lot of equipment and deploy it quickly.

The vessel was constructed to USL 2C survey for operations within 50NM of the coast, as well as complying with requirements placed on us by Maritime Safety Queensland and our own Volunteer Marine Rescue Association of Queensland.

The vessel was completed and delivered within the contract period. Acceptance testing highlighted no areas of dissatisfaction or fault with the design, construction and fit-out of the vessel. The vessel immediately went to work acquiring some 1000 hours in its first two years of operation. During this time it performed numerous searches and notable rescues in offshore waters and costal bars in seas up to 4M.

After two years of operation regularly beyond the original vision, the decision was made by our unit to upgrade all navigational electronics. This required a major modification to the helm and navigation stations. Mr. Shaw stood by his product and effected these changes in a short period of time to minimize loss of service.

At time of writing in 2008 this vessel is now onto to its 3rd different type of engines. The vessel performs well and is now a major force in search and rescue within local waters. PowerCat Marine have even assisted with transom modifications by supplying brackets to accommodate the new engines.

This vessel has now proven its ability and reliability to various entities including Brisbane Water Police with faithful service year on year. Should anyone consider the purchase of a PowerCat Vessel for any purpose, commercial or private, approved by Mr Shaw, I would recommend they proceed without hesitation.

Keith Williams,

Immediate Past Commodore

VMR Raby Bay





To All at PowerCat,

Well, it's been almost a year now that I've had my PowerCat 2600 and I've got to tell you, I just love it.

As you know, my boating 'experience' is somewhat limited but my 2600 is so easy to drive. It's quiet with a ride that is unbelievably smooth, even in ordinary weather. Those 140hp Suzuki's really perform and as far as the quality and finish goes! Well, after nearly 12 months I'm still to find fault, she still looks brand new and I welcome any of your prospective customers to come and see for themselves.

In closing, from day one, everyone at PowerCat has been ever so friendly and helpful .you have all been responsible for making my time on the water so

Kind regards

Peter Smits







Just a note to thank you for the construction & Delivery of my 7.6m PartyCat. I would like to thank you, Eril and Brendon for your courtesy, efficiency and attention to detail.

Congratulations and thanks,

Will Manton

Gold Coast










It is with great pleasure and thanks that I write this short note.

As you know I have been a Yamaha fan for over 20 years as a power boat enthusiast. I was a bit sceptical at first when you encouraged me rather to switch to the 200Hp Suzuki motors, but after using the motors for approximately 12 hours, I found them to be absolutely superb. The power, fuel consumption and low noise level (to mention a few only) is very impressive.

What was even more impressive is the brilliant after sales service when I desperately needed it.

When the gearbox malfunctioned shortly before the Easter holidays, I was in a tight spot with visitors flying over from South Africa to enjoy a boating holiday. With no Suzuki dealer in Vanuatu, I was stunned with how the warranty was dealt with. I could not believe that the Suzuki decision makers stepped up so fast to honour their word. The fact that they sent out a complete gearbox using a courier company simply proves that they should be considered as probably the best outboard company around. The gearbox was installed early Easter Friday in time for the overseas visitors - once again I have two top class motors purring away behind me!

I have since spoken to many people including the main outboard dealer in Vanuatu, and when he heard the story his jaw dropped - he too has never witnessed such commitment to service.

Therefore; a sincere thanks to all those who made it possible, including you Brendon....I remain stunned!

Kind Regards,

Colin Venter










To Brendon Shaw,

Just thought I would let you know how very pleased we are with our 2600 PowerCat (Reel Dreams) and that you and your family are to be congratulated on a very professional company. From day 1 on a Sunday afternoon test drive to delivery day, Brendon you could not have been more helpful. Your product knowledge was first class. Thanks for your after sales help when I rang you at 7.30 on Sunday night regarding that bilge pump. You had it fixed in no time. A big thanks again,

Trevor & Heather Rowe

Greenbank Qld









Re: My new cat

Having bought a preloved PowerCat 268 I have decided to write to you and tell you how overwhelmed I am with this magnificent boat. I am an ex-naval officer who has owned more than a dozen yachts and power boats, all larger and much more expensive than this PowerCat; none have given me more satisfaction and extreme pleasure as this stunning boat. It's so stable and quiet, fast and comfortable. On and on I could go! Congratulations on a beautiful well built boat.

Rhys Hanly-Jones (ret R.N)

Sydney Harbour









Hello Steve & Brendon,

Just a quick note to thank you for making it possible for me to enter the Hook Up Fishing Comp with the boat on time. I gave it a great try out on Friday with a 15/20 knot South Easterly- cruising at 20 knots without any problems out to Fitzroy Reef. The ride is unbelievable - no more mono hulls for me! On Saturday & Sunday we mainly cruised around on 30 knots, surprisingly at this speed it was using less fuel per mile - Giddy up. Attached are some photos of the maiden catch & the boat tied up alongside the water police boys from Yepoon & Brisbane. (They were pretty impressed with the layout). Talk to you soon.


Larry Thompson









Hi Steve.

I thought I would contact you since it is 12 months since I purchased my 2600 PowerCat.

The boat is going very well, although I have not done many engine hours in it.

The rig on the road tows very well. I am towing with a turbo Landcruiser 100 series turbo diesel.

We are based in the Whitsunday's & from your factory to here is about 1000km, which was our first tow. We then towed it to Hinchenbrook Channel, return trip of approximately 1000km. Then last Christmas I decided to tow it to Melbourne, this is a return trip of 5800km. I was very impressed with the way it towed. I prefer to tow at 90-95 Kph, the problem on the Newell Highway, is the speed of trucks as they are limited to 100kph. To avoid their dangerous passing manoeuvres, I had to sit on 100-105kph.Towing at this speed presented no problem. Not once did we have any problem with the trailer, there was some movement at times, but this was a result of bad road conditions, the trailer towed superbly.

I had problems with the brakes early in the piece, but, they are working well now. With the brake controller correctly set the whole rig stops straight and true every time. In closing, I would like to congratulate you on the quality of the boat, but also, very importantly, designing and having manufactured a trailer that is a part of the package and not an add on. I thought the trailer was quite expensive, now that I have towed the miles that I have, it has been proven to be, as with the boat, excellent value for money. I have no problem recommending your products. Feel free to show this mail to any potential purchasers, Or if they want to contact me feel free to give them my Email address.


Colin Floate








We have been proud owners of a 2800 PowerCat now for 12 months. With not having had any experience with power catamarans before, we were quite sceptical at first, although having been sailing people all our lives.

We immediately felt at home with the boat, especially all the back up support from the factory given by Steve and Lynda Shaw.

Our first trip was to take her up to Roslyn Bay from Mooloolaba 300nm. We found her to be very comfortable and very safe, beautifully balanced in choppy seas, not giving us any anxious moments at all even when the swells became 2-3m.
Average speed 20kts. Cruising speed @ 4000 25kts. Fuel consumption 40lts per hour. 2 135hp Mercury engines.

We regularly have 6 people on board for day trips out to the Islands or sometimes fishing. With all mod cons, fridge, stove and galley, we often stay 2 or 3 days by ourselves anchored in a beautiful bay just off the beach. Sometimes we take the rubber duckie, it sits very comfortably on the foredeck with the motor packed beside the centre console.

Our PowerCat is beautifully finished and we find her very easy to maintain.
Maybe one of these days we will invest in a larger PowerCat boat but in the meantime we're very happy with our purchase.

Good luck Steve and Lynda and may you produce many more PowerCats.

Ernie & Cheryl Young

Emu Park Rockhampton QLD








Dear Steve & Lynda

It is now 18 months since I took delivery of our 3000 Series 268 Sports Cabriolet PowerCat and I feel it appropriate to drop you a letter to express my complete satisfaction with my purchase.

Having owned a number of boats over the years, ranging from 26' Whalers to a 45' Precision Sports Cruiser, I can honestly say this is by far the best overall craft I have ever owned. Being a keen fisherman (both open & sheltered waters) and a party animal I thought the transition from a bigger boat to the 268 Sports would take time to adjust. This was not the case, from the moment the boat was on the plane and we were underway I knew that this was the boat for all occasions & all seasons.

Equally impressive, after 18 months is the reliability and low maintenance costs both in respect to the boat itself and the twin Yamaha V6 200hp outboard engines.

I would like to thank both of you and your staff for the professional and friendly manner with which the initial purchase and subsequent follow up action has been undertaken.

Yours faithfully

Denys Truman

Hamilton Island









Dear Steve and Lynda

Both myself and Carlita would like to thank you very much for your help and caring, during the process of purchasing and building our new PowerCat. Nothing was ever a problem and on each occasion you gave us your time and expertise freely. Your staff are to be congratulated for their professionalism and quality of workmanship.

We would have no hesitation in highly recommending both yourself and your company in purchasing the lifestyle which is PowerCat.

Thank you once again and we look forward to many pleasurable days enjoying our new PowerCat.

Yours sincerely

Mark & Carlita Forster

Bribie Island QLD









Dear Steve, Lynda and Jenny

Since this is probably the last official contact we'll have, may I take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you all during the process of sale and subsequent construction of the boat. From my perspective everything has been completed on schedule with no problems or difficulties, and the level of professionalism has been of the highest order.

I hope PowerCat flourishes and many more of your boats are seen on the waters of Sydney. I'm sure I'll wax lyrical about the boat and your company if given even half a chance.

Finally it was pretty obvious on the harbour yesterday that heads were turning and checking us out.

With kind regards
Yours sincerely

Nicholas Robson

Balgowlah Sydney Harbour NSW








Thank you to our customers who have taken the time to provide us with this feedback - it is much appreciated!